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Loving my Life



Loving my life

Loving my life is far more important than selling books (although my publisher might disagree!). Unless I’m really mindful, I find myself obsessing about how sales are going, how many people RT’d me, and whether my likes on Facebook have increased– so much so, that I miss all the wonderful things that are going on in my life.

That is why going on holiday is so important to me. It takes me away from my computer and makes me appreciate real life. I’ve just come back from the Isle of Wight where we’ve been on holiday for a week. I know I’ve been there already this year but I love it so much! Even though we go at least three times a year we still managed to discover three new beaches that we hadn’t found before.

Every time I go on holiday I take my lap-top intending to write some of my current book and each time I open it about once. I can’t Tweet or go on the internet in the holiday cottage as there is no internet (apart from on my phone which I purposely leave at home). At first it feels like the world will end without me knowing what’s trending but then I relax into a life without technology and it’s really refreshing.

We spent the week walking and sunbathing (and I even paddled in the sea!). I read other people’s books instead of my own and completed a whole edition of the Puzzler. Now I’m back and raring to go. My new book ‘How to Have an Amicable Divorce’ is out on Thursday 15th May and this time I’m not stressing about it, because it’s not the only thing that’s important in my life.

Having said that I do hope you buy it. How else am I going to fund my next relaxing week on the Isle of Wight!

Life is Far More Interesting

ImageI’m fairly new to all this internet stuff and blogging and I’ve recently been thinking about what works and what doesn’t. My inbox is constantly bombarded with emails telling someone has posted in one of the many Facebook Groups I’ve joined to enhance my profile and help sell my books. They are telling me about why I should read their new book.

To be honest I delete most of them without even reading them. I can see you’re shocked or even appalled! That led me to realise that (God forbid!) people will do the same to my posts. Sometimes when I post about my book or a cover reveal only a handful of people see them yet when I tell them I’ve just purchased a giraffe onesie complete with ears I’m inundated with likes. My conclusion is that people like to read about my real life rather than my book. Especially, when they don’t know me from Adam.

I had a great conversation on Twitter this morning telling jokes like “What do you call a man with a spade on his head? Doug. What do you call a man without a spade on his head? Douglas.” I never mentioned my book once and had so many retweets and new friends join me.

The same happened on Facebook yesterday. I’ve just learned how to send photos from my phone. I know I’m slow! I sent a picture of my garden, which is looking lovely by the way. I had loads of comments.

I know I have to publicise my book otherwise no-one will read it but I realise I have to publicise myself more. Tell me what you think!

Just to prove a point I’ve included a silly photo of me. No way I’ll ever let you see me in my giraffe onesie!! You wouldn’t sleep at night.