What other people are saying about my books:

A Second Chance


I have just finished ‘A Second Chance’ and thought it wonderful, I couldn’t put it down! It’s

the best book I’ve read in a long time….haven’t been able to get into other books lately! The

storyline was easy to read and the characters full of personality! I found myself absorbed

and transported into the lives of the characters, wishing I could have been a part of the story,

living amongst them, both during WWll and present day. I loved the esoteric nature of the

book and although I have never experienced mediumship in a group setting or the Spiritualist

Church I now feel I would like to explore both! I have had private readings from a medium

and she was absolutely spot on! I personally really appreciate the epilogue, it finishes a book

off for me, I wish all writers would ‘complete’ their books.


Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me I am grateful for the time you take to do

your research and for the way you express yourself in print. May you have huge success with

all the books yet to be written, I look forward to the reading the next one. Can we buy your

books through all book shops or from you directly?


This is a review for A Second Chance my first novel from an appreciative reader.

“I finished the book and absolutely loved it.

again…I did not want it to end…I was rationing myself to make it last longer.

It just kept me gripped..every page.

…and it was so believable.( again)

I obviously could relate to many of the places and the characters seemed so real.

I really really did enjoy it…hugely enjoyed it

..wish you could write more….and can’t wait for the next book.”

Hilary (Leeds)


Destiny’s Children

I have to say that although I enjoyed both your other books, I enjoyed this one much more. I

could hardly put it down and was resentful of work as it stopped me from reading.


How to Have an Affair

Fantastic writing talent – one to watch out for!

I’d not heard much about this author before, so took a chance at a new book and I am so

pleased I did.

I read How to Have an Affair in 3 sittings, you quickly learn to love the characters and

get involved in their daily struggles. Fast paced and not too far fetched (always a plus in

my book). It strangely made me re-evaluate my relationship and see that I maybe take my

husband for granted a little.

Really enjoyed this book and hope there is a sequel soon!


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