Kindle v Paperback

My latest book How to Have an Affair is out this week in paperback so I thought I’d discuss the ongoing dilemma Kindle v Paperback.

Kindle – arguments for:

Cheaper to buy books. My book is £1.87 on Kindle and £7.99 paperback

Light to carry

Multiple books on one device – great for holidays

Easy to pack away

People can’t see what you’re reading – good for books like 50 Shades of Grey or titles like How to Have an Affair!

Saves having a big book case – good for space saving

Don’t need to take old books to charity shops

Don’t need to dust old books

Can delete a book when you’ve read it

Can try a sample before you read it – fab idea because they always leave you on a cliff hanger.

Can immediately buy any sequel or another book by the same author. How to Have an Amicable Divorce out in May so you could buy that the second you finish my first one.

You can pre-order books so you don’t have to miss a second of your favourite author

Easy to leave a review.

Amazon recommend other books you might like in same genre or by same author

Pretty covers to suit your style

Lots of choice of models ie. Kindle Fire

Can download one book onto multiple devices in same household

Kindle – Arguments against

Expensive outlay in first instance. Although they are a lot cheaper than they used to be

Don’t get the feel of a book

Miss turning pages

Miss the smell of a book

Miss having a collection of books on a bookshelf

Miss the beautiful front covers

Like giving books as Christmas or birthday presents.

Putting book sellers out of business

Like to buy a cheap book while doing weekly shop

Can’t browse through shelves in Waterstones.

Can’t lend them to your friends like you can a book

Can’t find recipes easy in cookbooks

Not easy for phrase books or dictionaries.

These are all the arguments I can think of. Can you add any more?

I was always a big book fan and fought for ages against buying a kindle until my son persuaded me to get one. I now love my kindle and can’t imagine buying any book other than a cookbook, map or reference book in print. Unless it is not available on an e-book. This is getting less likely as it seems that all publishers have started to produce both.

If you like a bargain then there are plenty of free or £.99p books available from Amazon.

Kindle v Paperback. For me, Kindle every time. How about you?



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