A Balancing Act

I thought this week I’d discuss the age old dilemma of How much do I write versus How much do I promote myself? This topic has been very relevant to me this week as my new book.lindsay feet

“How to Have an Affair” was launched on Thursday 13th Feb. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been social networking, I’ve been interviewed on local radio twice and been the subject of two articles in different local newspapers. The help of my publicists at Social Sparkle, has been invaluable as they have done a lot of the social networking for me. I find that I could spend all day Tweeting and posting on Facebook, Linked In and Pinterest but I wouldn’t get any writing done.

Before the launch was imminent I decided I’d dedicate Tuesday to PR and marketing but that didn’t work as people tweet and Facebook every day and I had to reply there and then. My dilemma, as I would imagine is yours is, if I don’t write my books my audience has nothing to read, and if I don’t promote and market the books I write, I’ll have no audience!!

Before writing “How to Have an Affair” I wrote three other novels which mostly got great reviews and were popular- but after the first initial flurry of PR and marketing I let it slide and the sales showed. When I promote – I sell. Simple as that.

I used to find social networking tedious and hard work and for me seemed a waste of time but I’m actually enjoying it now, thanks to Chelle and Michelle, at Social Sparkle and Louise at yourvirtualpr. I just have to stop myself checking the computer and phone every thirty seconds to see if someone has replied to or retweeted one of my tweets!

To me, it’s like anything in life you have the find the right balance. All of one doesn’t work – a bit of both does. So, I’ll continue building my social networks and liaising with my contacts in the media and writing as often as I can. I’ve just joined Goodreads.com, so that’s my project for this week. Plus, I’ve signed up to do a Pecha Kucha talk at the Huddersfield Literary Festival in March which is pretty terrifying. I knew speaking as quickly as I do would eventually come in useful (ha! ha!) as 20 seconds to talk about a slide is not very much!

To all writers out there; further discussion on this subject would be great. Find me on twitter @harperpublishing or on Facebook as Lindsay Harper author. Bye for now xx



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