Excerpt 2: How to Have an Affair.

Excerpt 2 from How to Have an Affair.


Another excerpt from further into the book when Robyn and Dave come face-to-face with Jay, Robyn’s lover:


Robyn linked Dave’s arm as they walked silently back to the hotel. Just as they were approaching the hotel steps, a man in a brown tweed overcoat approached from the opposite direction. Robyn stopped in her tracks as she saw Jay for the first time in four months. He saw her at exactly the same time. Dave recognised him from the photograph he’d seen on Facebook.

Robyn started to shake. ‘God! This is awful,’ she mumbled.

‘Tell me about it! I know we’ve just decided that you’ll see him again, but I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly.’ Dave added suspiciously, ‘Are you sure you didn’t plan this?’

‘I promise, Dave. I knew nothing about it. Honestly, Max never mentioned Jay would be here.’

Robyn could feel her breathing quicken as Jay approached. Any second they would be face to face. She’d dreamt about this reunion for months but didn’t envisage it quite like this.

Jay was the first to regain his composure, ‘Hello, Robyn….’ He held out his hand, ‘Dave.’

Dave ignored the gesture and put his arm territorially round Robyn’s shoulder.

‘Hello, Jay,’ Robyn said quietly. ‘Did Max Hammond invite you today?’

‘He did. Not one of his better moves, I might add.’ Jay said.

‘Then I think we ought to see what he has to say.’ Robyn moved away from Dave’s grip but held his hand as the three of them went inside the hotel.

Max Hammond was sitting in a comfortable chair in reception reading a newspaper when he looked up and saw the party of three walking towards him.

‘Shit! Not exactly as I planned it,’ he said, as he surveyed the awkward scene.

‘What were you thinking, Max?’ Robyn asked.

‘In my defence, I didn’t know you’d bring your husband.’ Max said.

‘Hello, I’m Dave,’ he said, holding out his hand. ‘She didn’t want to bring me, I insisted.’

‘Pleased to meet you, Dave. I’m sorry about all this, very unprofessional of me.’

‘So this weekend was all a ploy to get us together?’ Jay asked Max.

‘Yes and not a very good one. I’m sorry I got it so wrong.’

‘So there isn’t even a seminar?’ Robyn asked.

‘Not as such, but I am here to meet the hotel management. I’m back here in January. I’ve come to look at all the facilities this weekend. Would anyone like a drink? It looks like we could all do with one.’

Jay answered first, ‘Mine’s the usual and make it a double. I’ll join you shortly.’

Dave let go of Robyn’s hand, ‘I’m going to get off and leave you to your happy reunion.’

‘Please don’t go, Dave. Not like this.’ Her voice shook. ‘We need to talk.’

‘I think we’ve said all we need to say.’ Dave turned and started walking towards the door.

‘Don’t leave me, Dave,’ she begged.

‘But isn’t it what you’ve been wanting all this time? Max has just made it easy for you. You’ve been pining for your lover. Well here he is, enjoy!’

‘Don’t be like this Dave. We’ve had such a lovely day.’

‘Robyn, I don’t believe you!’ Dave’s voice raised a decibel. ‘How do you expect me to behave? I’ve just come face to face with your lover. Would you like me to shake his hand and wish him luck? I feel like breaking his fxxxing neck.’

Robyn started to cry.

Jay was observing the scene from across the room.

‘Dave, before you go could I have a quick word?’ Jay shouted.

Robyn looked aghast as he spoke. ‘Please Jay, leave it.’

‘I’ve nothing to say to you,’ Dave snapped.

‘Please, it won’t take long. I’d just like to explain.’

The whole thing was turning into a scene from a soap-opera with a live audience, so to keep the peace Dave said,

‘Okay, but let’s go somewhere quieter.’ He pointed to the small guest lounge to the left of reception. Robyn went to follow them.

‘I’d rather have a word with him on my own, if you don’t mind,’ Jay said gently. ‘Would you mind joining Max in the bar? I’ll be with you in a minute.’

Robyn stood still, unsure what to do next. Confusion had taken hold of her brain. Her body cried out for Jay, yet she didn’t want to see her marriage of seven years walk out of the door. As she watched the two men disappear into the lounge, she did as requested and went to join Max.


Will Dave listen to what Jay has to say or will he do what he threatened? Buy the book and find out!


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