Do you fancy any of your male characters?

Out of everyone I have ever written about the closest I would come to fancying anyone is Dave – Robyn’s husband. He has the look I like; tall, with dark hair and swarthy skin. He is also fit and strong. I like his kindness and the fact that he really loves Robyn. What I wouldn’t put up with is the long hours he works and I think this contributed to Robyn looking elsewhere for love. He says he is only working so hard to support his family but it seems to me he is a bit of a workaholic which doesn’t make for a balanced relationship.

I thought what he did for Robyn – telling her to go and try a relationship with Jay, was the most selfless thing he could do and I admire a man who could do that. I think too many people get so angry and hateful they fail to look at why their partner had an affair in the first place. It took a lot of courage and unconditional love for Dave to let Robyn go.

I know a lot of my readers are attracted to the charisma of Jay but I never really trusted him. I think I would have been attracted to his looks and his banter but would have been a bit dubious about starting a relationship with him. I suppose he is everyone’s guilty pleasure, which is how Robyn describes him but after the bright blue sparkly eyes, what else is there that appeals to you?

I’d love your opinion – so when you read ‘How to Have an Affair’ let me know who you like, Dave or Jay and why?



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