How to Have an Affair: Launched Feb 13th 2014

Genre: Romantic fiction – Suitable for 18+ 

This is Lindsay Harper’s fourth novel and the first one published by It is the first in a series of three. The second in the series, How to Have an Amicable Divorce is released by 5Prince in May of this year.

Have you ever been attracted to someone you shouldn’t?

Were you prepared to risk everything?

Robyn Fisher is a frustrated, busy, working mum and wife who feels that life is passing her by – that is until she meets charismatic psychologist, Jay Trethedick, at a weekend seminar. Despite the instant attraction, Robyn resists Jay’s advances only to surrender to temptation a week later and they begin an intense and passionate love affair. But when the lovers start taking increasingly dangerous risks, Robyn’s husband discovers the truth and walks out, destroying Robyn’s world.

But the grass isn’t always greener. After an attempt to start a new life with Jay, Robyn realises she has to take the biggest risk of all; choosing who to love and who to let go. As sexual desire battles with real life and family, can she make the right choice?

How far is she willing to go?

What makes this novel different from any other novel about affairs?

Lindsay gives us her opinion: Whereas many other novels finish when the affair gets discovered, in this book the affair gets discovered fairly early on in the book and the rest of the story is about the effect of the affair on the main characters and their families. I look at the emotional trauma an affair causes and how hard it is to go back to normal life. Robyn is so deeply affected by what she’s done and the feelings she still has for Jay she ends up on medication as she spirals into a deep depression.

It’s only when her husband  offers to let her go to Jay, her lover, that she sees light at the end of the tunnel but soon discovers being an actual couple is very different to playing at being a couple. She realises that what they did best was make love and the nitty-gritty of family life is not the same with her new man.

The pivotal point in the story is when Dave drops the bomb-shell that he is going to New Zealand for a year. How will she cope without having both men in her life? Who will she choose? You’ll have to read it to find out!


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