Interview with Robyn Fisher

I’ve been asked so many times if the main heroine in How to Have an Affair, Robyn Fisher is based on me and my experiences but the answer is no, Robyn is a character in her own right. I recently talked to her and here is what she has to say:

Lindsay – What made you disregard your family and succumb to temptation with Jay?

Robyn – It was never about my family – it was something I did for me. When I was with Jay I never thought about Dave or my children. I knew they were safe and being looked after and I craved the excitement. Jay and I both recognised the spark between us on our first meeting. I really did try and put him out of my mind by keeping myself busy but nothing worked. He just took over my head.

Lindsay – Didn’t you love your husband, Dave?

Robyn – Yes, I did. I know that seems hard to believe but I never stopped loving Dave … but it just wasn’t enough – my body craved Jay. It was like I was living two separate lives. When I was at home with Dave I tried to ask as normal as possible and I think I must have managed it. I got away without being discovered for months.

Lindsay – Didn’t you feel guilty?

Robyn – Not as much as I thought I would. In my head, I wasn’t hurting anyone. I still made love to Dave – in fact he commented I was hornier than ever. I still did all the motherly things and Dave and I still went out together.

Lindsay – What did it feel like when you got found out?

Robyn – Devastating. I knew in reality, it couldn’t last but I kept thinking … a bit longer and then a bit longer, until in the end I never wanted it to finish. I tried making a list like my Dad suggested and Dave won hands down, apart from the sex, but I wasn’t prepared to give it up. We may have tired of each other eventually but I’d just had the best holiday ever, seeing both men in Cyprus. I can’t begin to describe how exciting that felt – making love to Jay in the hotel gym while my husband slept on a sun lounger by the pool. I know most people will think that’s awful but it was the most exhilarated I’d ever felt. I’d not had a very exciting life up to that point.

Lindsay – Have you got any tips to women who are having an affair or thinking about starting one?

Robyn – STOP IT NOW! As much as I enjoyed the excitement and the sex it wasn’t worth all the heartache. If I could’ve just admitted I fancied Jay and left it at that, it would have saved so much trouble. I should’ve talked to my husband and told him how I was feeling – we could’ve started doing more things together to rekindle our relationship. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. Who did I end up with? You’ll just have to read the book to find out.



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