An Excerpt from How to Have an Affair

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 3 before anything happens between Robyn and Jay. Hope it whet’s your appetite.

She ran up the flight of stairs and knocked on Jay’s door.

‘Come in,’ he whispered opening the door. ‘I’m just on the phone to Maria,’ he mouthed as he tried to button up a casual shirt with one hand. Her eyes widened as she caught a sneaky glimpse of his body with its sparse covering of blonde hair. Maybe coming to his room was a bad idea. She shuffled uncomfortably.

‘I’ll have to go, love; a few of us are going to lunch. I’ll see you tomorrow. You too, bye.’

I don’t think Maria would be as understanding if she saw him now. Robyn smiled to herself. I know Dave wouldn’t!

‘Sit down, make yourself at home,’ he said pointing to a large armchair. ‘I’ve made a coffee, do you want one?’ He moved to pour her a cup.

‘I’ll get it, you finish getting ready.’

‘If you’re sure?’ Jay picked up his denim jeans and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar. Robyn could see his reflection in the mirror and watched as he unzipped his trousers, letting them fall to the floor. She should’ve politely averted her eyes, but they were glued to his half naked body. Get a grip, Robyn, you’re a married woman for God’s sake.

‘Have you rung home today?’ Jay shouted from the bathroom.

Robyn abruptly fell back to earth. ‘Not yet. They had a busy day organised. I’ll try tonight,’ she shouted back.

‘I don’t blame you. I feel these weekends are a bit like being in a cocoon, any disturbance from the outside world feels like a real intrusion.’ Jay appeared from the bathroom doing up his buttons, ‘I just need my shoes and then I’m ready. Did you get that coffee?’

‘I did, thanks,’ she said, taking a sip. ‘I hope it’s not too cold outside. I haven’t brought any gloves.’

‘You can always hold my hand if you get too cold.’

‘Or I could put my hands in my pockets.’

‘That’s just mean.’

‘We’d better be getting off.’ Robyn yawned. ‘If I sit here any longer, I’ll fall asleep.’

‘Let’s see if the fresh air can wake you up.’

They both stood up at the same time, bumping into each other as they tried to negotiate round the bed.

Only a few inches separated their faces. Jay looked intently into Robyn’s eyes, ‘Oh, Robyn, If only you knew what I was thinking …’ he whispered stroking the side of her face.

Robyn froze. ‘But we can’t … ’

‘I know we shouldn’t … but this is driving me crazy … ‘

‘Me too… Believe me, I want to … so much,’ she moved a stray lock of hair away from his eye.

‘But I just couldn’t live with myself – or Dave – if I did.’ A lone tear sneaked out of Robyn’s eye and ran down her cheek.

‘But no-one would know,’ Jay reached out for Robyn’s hand.

‘But I’d know,’ she said, still not moving away from him.

Jay pulled her close, enveloping her in his arms. He lifted her chin and wiped away another tear with his finger.

‘It’s okay. I understand.’

She held onto him tightly, burying her face in his neck. When she finally released her grip, she gently kissed his lips.

‘Thank-you,’ she whispered.

‘What for?’

‘I don’t know,’ she replied sadly.



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